Bola Voice-Enables cloud solutions

We are a team of voice enthusiasts sharing a passion for bringing all the functionality of the web to voice interfaces.

Imagine turning your current cloud solution into a voice assistant.

Frees you up for more "Human" tasks

Many professions such as doctors, assistants and sales people spend a significant portion of their day on ”non-human tasks”. Administrative tasks such as data entry and note taking which machines can accomplish more efficiently. We free you up to do what you do best: interact with other humans.

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Helpful AI

Voice-to-text is only the first step in our technology. By adding a layer of artificial intelligence to our solutions, Bola can help detect errors in input and ensure near perfect accurancy. It can also adapt to you and learn your habits and help automatically take notes and offer suggestions for diagnoses or meaningful next steps.

Seamless Integration

Content and functionality available via voice is limited to API’s, making many things out of reach through these interfaces. Bola can help you and your business overcome these API barriers and seamlessly make any web page accessible through voice.

Industry Exploration

Medical Research
Voice enable any cloud service for your business


If you would like to test Bola's teaching system pre-beta, or interested in voice-enabling software. Please reach out:

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Sharing a passion for bringing all the functionality of the web to voice interfaces.

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